What Does It Mean for the UK To Warmly Welcome Afghan Refugees?

Woman's Hour


Morning. The government has set out more details of operation warm welcome the scheme to resettle thousands of afghan refugees all of those who've arrived on the afghan relocations and assistance policy. The scheme are helping. Those who helps schemes gives me helping those who helped the british military in uk. Government in afghanistan will be given immediate indefinite leave to remain the government's pledging twelve million pounds for additional school places. Three million pounds to support. Nhs access and a five million. Pound top fa- councils in england wells and scotland to support the and meet the costs and help meet the cost of renting properties. Here's mr for overseeing. Afghan resettlement victoria atkin speaking earlier on the today program. We ten thousand people who are in quarantine hotels that moment This is the largest ever evacuation scheme in living memory and so it is going to take off and local of an charges local communities a bit of time to put this framework in place. But that is what we're working on and so today's announcements not just indefinitely to remain but also our determination help children Start their education again. The extra funding for them to support them a school the funding for adults to learn english. Those who don't speak english well also The promises in relation to housing the discretionary funding. We're giving to councils. This is all part of enormous Exercise in integration. And just remember that the of the twenty thousand who will come here over. The coming years will be women and children.

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