California Governor Candidate Larry Elder Explains How Gavin Newsom Fails Minorities


Then I see Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaigning against him. Honestly, I see all these white politicians campaigning against Larry Elder because all their talk about a white supremacist society, I would say, Well, I guess they would know. Because the white dominant Democrat party Is now working in California to defeat A man who embraces this country embraces liberty. It's also by the way, an African American Larry Elder. How are you, sir? Mark doing well, Thank you very much for having me. I appreciate it. Tell us what's going on in California right now and and how people can get out and vote. Well, Mark. What's going on? Is everything you just now rattled off. I would only add the decline in the quality of our public education. 75% of black boys here in California Mark, believe it or not, 75% that's not a typo cannot read at state levels of proficiency, and of course, those levels are low. The mass scores or even worse, Nearly half of all third graders cannot read at state levels of proficiency and around 80% of all kids educated in our government schools are black and brown. I only mentioned that because that's what the left prior to self on caring about now the number one obstacle towards choice in education that polls show black and parent black and brown parents want The teachers union. Who's the number one thunder of my opponent, Gavin Newsom. The teachers union and poll after poll after poll shows that the people living in the earnest city recognized getting the worst teachers the worst principles, the worst bureaucrats and they want the opportunity to put their kid in the private school, a religious school home schooling or a charter school, and they're being denied that opportunity. Yet they march in there every single year and pull that lever for the party that is warning the number one way of escaping poverty, and that's to at least Finished high school

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