Apple Delays Release of Child Safety Features

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On friday. Apple said it will delay the release of child safety features for its devices which include scanning phones in the us for images of child abuse. The features apple introduced last month had faced criticism from privacy advocates claiming it undercut encryption and it leaves users more vulnerable Apple said in a statement to usa today quote based on feedback from customers advocacy groups researchers and others. We have decided to take additional time over the coming months to collect. Input make improvements. Before releasing these critically important child safety features and quote so some of the features that were included as part of this include a an update to the messages at where it warns kids and parents when they send or receive sexually explicit photos they also were using technology to scan photos in i cloud and they would provide additional resources for staying safe online through search and through its digital assistant. Siri several organizations have spoken out against this including the electronic frontier foundation. Fight for the future and the aclu they all have said it could provide door access to devices like iphones and it could possibly open the door for abuse against activists whistle blowers or oppressed groups. Such as people of color in the lgbtq community.

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