Activist Barbara Rose Johns Profoundly Impacted Her Community as a Teenager


Barbara faced stark disparities in education quality. Her small one story school building had no gym and no cafeteria but it was forced to accommodate over four hundred and fifty students. On insulated shacks were built outside to hold additional students and learning out. There was particularly difficult in cold weather. One january in nineteen forty prince. Edward county had particularly frigid temperatures with readings of sixteen degrees below zero. In contrast to barbara school the nearby white school had two stories. Great facilities and fewer than four hundred students. Barbara shared her concerns about the conditions of her school with her music teacher. Who responded why. Don't you do something about it. At first barbara felt discouraged. She was just a student. What could she do. But the final straw for barbara came one april morning. She was helping her for younger siblings. Get to the bus stop. When she realized she forgot her lunch she ran back home to fetch it when she returned. She realized she'd missed her bus. And she was forced to try hitchhiking for a ride. She stood on the curb for an hour and no one stopped to help then. She saw the so called white bus drive by it was half empty. Barbara's bus was always packed to the brim. She leader wrote in her diary right. Then and there. I decided that indeed something had to be done about this inequality so. Barbara's sprung into action. On april twenty third nineteen fifty. One barbara forged note from the school principal to the teachers telling them together. All four hundred fifty students in the auditorium when the students sat down they were shocked to find barbara on stage. She delivered a speech and shared her plan. All the students would walk out of the school until a new building was under construction. Some students were afraid they'd get in trouble or end up arrested. Barbara replied the farm bill. Jail isn't big enough to hold us.

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