Nancy Pelosi Makes Climate Change a National Security Issue, Not Taliban or Illegal Immigrants


And gentlemen. Nancy. Pelosi is full AOC. She made a decision. She could be responsible. Normal. Kind of speaker of the house or she could be alone and she chose to be alone. She chose to be alone. And so this is where they go with the propaganda because they want to pass a bill that guts capitalism that got success that guts private property rights. That massively expands the welfare state weeks and weeks off for family leave. Because Throughout our history and the history of mankind. We don't really know how people have been able to raise Children and work at the same time, so the government's going to step in and fix it. And if you actually become successful, they're going to steal your money. Nancy Pelosi at a press conference today, Cut nine Go in this reconciliation bill. What's either list by the way, what's going on her dentures loose. What does she sound like? Daffy Duck? Yes, I was just saying this reconciliation Bill. Like she was half a tongue or something. All right, start from the top, Please cutting and go in this reconciliation bill we recognize We recognize that this is, uh, saving the planet addressing the climate crisis? Yeah. Yeah. Going to save the planet. This bill lady, isn't it? Listen clearly. If you don't support this bill, you're against saving the planet. Do we understand What the planet actually yes. At the planet. We'll outlive. Mankind. Billions and billions of years. Do we understand what the planet is? That we don't even make an in depth.

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