Art and Climate Fatigue


My name's zoe set a kiss ski. And i'm a senior electra. At the school of design at ut and a lot of my research is around how we can visually communicate ecological issues like climate change and biodiversity loss in a way that engages people in mexican think about action that they can take and ways that we could adapt to live differently for a more sustainable future. So what is comet fatigue. And why don't we feel it. Yeah climate fatigue and eko anxiety. This lots of tomes for these things And it's it's very real. I mean i feel a sense of grief and anxiety often in the research that i do But i think what's really important is starting to accept and engage with those feelings and not hide behind them feeling the feelings it seems straightforward but when we're experiencing such lodge ecological shifts at a rapid right. Zoe explains that. We must reckon with the inevitable. Greif of that experience in order to create change. One of the. I guess the the incredible moments for me. We call it a disorienting dilemma was. When i'd been overseas i was on a research trip overseas in november twenty nine and so i actually missed the start of the those horrific bushfires that blackened seve knee and i arrived at after a month of being away and as the plane flew into sydney. I just saw the red sun that you could barely see through. And i felt broken because i was homesick. Can i was ready to come home. But i flew into a home that i no longer recognized. There's a term for the switches. Solis style and it's a feeling of homesickness for a place that you a still with eaton

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