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Welcome back to the impetus. I'm adam can. I'm just so it is Labor day weekend as we're recording this right in the is us labor day. I don't know about other labor day's across the world don't think other countries have labor day's across the they do. It's made speaking of labor if you live in texas for now and you'll be forced to labor because they've just made abortion illegal. We can get into a lot of things about that. We're not gonna get into that hot but initi- but we get a lot of reasons why that is probably going to be very bad as labor day celebrated countries day may okay. We've got that topic now. You know only a free months late for the unbelievable vast majority of people on earth for when they celebrate labor day. it's fine r- america merican. So we do it our way we we are so we are so obsessed with ourselves that we took the name america in american made it our and him when america's actually like to full continents worth the people like it's just our country's in 'em so suck it whereas world. I had somebody the other day. That exact argument about why didn't america is inaccurate and should apply more broadly in the same way that if somebody is from a country in africa they can use the did an m africa or like kenyon nigerian yeah somali somalian somali sudanese libyan but they can also say african. Yeah in the same way. From costa rica can still say they're american or for mexico. Oh his awesome republicans. Well yes yes like anybody who who was from the americas technically american. I've heard some people say. Us american legally it is. Are you win designated denham. Americans tennessee and i dunno assets. But what your nationality. Earthlink an earthling. I mean the problem is like the. Us does not have spent more of my adult life outside of the us. And i have inside the us. Have my nationality really matters anymore. I mean but the us does not have eight. It's the united states which is just a description of america which is also description of the americas america north and south america and nobody can see my hands flailing about you may be able to pick it up on the micro so we don't have a name so what we call our us citizens which doesn't make sense because that's not even a us even us because we're not only we're not the only united states in the world Mexico is the united states and mexico. Were hold on a status unido. Stay mayo really bad pronunciation of spanish. So i apologize in advance though. I already miss bad Spanish in the ny. I apologize so can't apologize in advance for something i've already done anyway. Nationalisms scam and today's guest is about tomorrow's podcast is about when we get into nationalism. I don't have any down as a topic but it is probably a interesting topic that we can go so many different ways with. Yeah so it'll be part of our six part podcasts. On nationalism for season for season for remember we're doing seasons we still have seasons. We're going three right now. I think this would be. This is season three last. Like like a few i. I forget anyway season two two writers strike. I feel like we're in like a steven. Spielberg we right now where we talk over each other. You know what i mean now. I can't do it. it's okay it's a. I'm trying to talk over units. It's not working. Because i'm speaking in short bursts. Ou can't actually catch it before actually finished us indians but i guess you suck so bad very much anyway. We do have a topic today.

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