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He's now checked out of our crazy marriage. It's nothing for me to find him on the couch with the speedup talking to another female and gossiping with her like their girlfriends. He goes shopping with his sister and his mother all the time and they have been been stayed out of town to go shopping at an outlet mall. My sister loves to come to me with a bunch of rumors about my husband and she tries to stir up meth. But i'm not that concerned about what my husband is doing. She suggested. I call his mom and sister and ask about the shopping trip and see how long my husband is really with them. Or if he ducked south to go see a female. I don't have the energy for any of that. So what if he likes other women. I'm cheating. Because i wanted something different. So i see why he might be interested in other women. My husband and i've been best friends for almost twenty five years and that's what's most important to me. Am i wrong for not caring what he's up to. I don't know what this is But it's certainly not a marriage. I mean this is a joke right here. Why don't you guys just put yourself out of your misery. You're cheating he's cheating. This marriage unfortunately sounds like it has run. Its course and you ask. Is it wrong that you don't care anymore. Well i'll only say yes if you plan on staying married to him but this is why people get divorced because they don't care anymore they don't give a darn what good is it being married if you don't care about each other okay. Your marriage is just pathetic at this point. I mean what are you holding onto. Is it the memories from back in the day. The habits was comfortable as it just familiar to you. Say your best friends or are you waiting for a miracle for something to change. I mean what is it that you want your tired and bored with you know with each other because you guys simply neglected to do the work that it takes to keep your marriage strong. I mean the two of you have given up on your cells. You've given up on the marriage you've given up on each other. What do you what do you want. And what does he want. Do you guys even have any idea. I bet you both know what your side pieces need and want bet you do. And yes. His mom and sister are definitely covering for him. I think when he hangs out with them if he won't go to counseling. Why don't you just go on your own. You know if you feel like there's something salvageable about this marriage as long as you're still married there is a chance it's not too late marriage of comeback from all kinds of bad things. I mean you say you don't care. But i kinda think you do. Otherwise why are you writing us. Steve this this match over this measure ain't no saving this. This is not salvageable. And reason. I'm saying the because it's too many too much back and forth and is mo and back so i don't really know where we go going with this but let's just give you my take 'cause i'm a little bit of hate shade in early beginning because i don't like when that start like this dear steve and shit i'm married to one of the fan is whole town. Does how you you know you gonna come to me with that. I'm married to one of the fan. Is men in my whole town. Let me knock you down a little bit. Cost town means small populated area so there marriage defined as men in the city. You might have some right you marry to to fines man in our town once again town. Small populated as my ranch was in little ale population. Six hundred thirty people harder fun of fine person out of six hundred thirty. You got to give just somebody head title. Because out of the six hundred thirty people lived in the township all one adults all one young and a lot of them probably used to be fine. So i just wanted to say that. Get out the way. That's a little bit of shade and hate been together. Twenty four years man. Eighteen high school sweetheart started having sex. Y'all was sixteen yard tied each other by now is the only man you have been with and until recently. Oh let it took attorney. He has cheated on me and i forgave him. Because here's the first time i had checked out of our merge and was going through a little depression not really sure how to read that. I don't know what moved. Depression news up next to a lot of depression. Most people. I noticed this. Just say people know how you be a say. If you'll just say hold on hold on we'll have part two your coming up at twenty three minutes. After the hour my husband likes other women is the subject. We'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to steve harvey morning. Show all right come on stieglitz recap today. Strawberry letter the subject. My husband likes other women. Okay here we go once again. Mama just read that tad pop i go. Dsp share now met defined as men in my whole town was again. I'm told you about the so what you know how. Many y'all stay at two hundred that it's easy to get the title when it abor two hundred okay. So you man to find as many together twenty four years married eighteen. He was your high school sweetheart. You got married. You had kids early. You've only had sex with him. You started having sex at sixteen. You checked out to marriage. He started cheating on you and you forgave him. Because you had checked out of your marriage as the first time somebody checked after marriage so why you checked out. He checked out too. So y'all been checked out all got married early on. This is understandable because you was going through a little depression. That ain't really why he checked out. That ain't going to lie but you always trying to give a man excuse for why he messed up so i guess you can let him had. We didn't go to counselling 'cause heo he won't to custody he'll see none role. I told you you checked out. He'd been checked out he cheated 'cause he wanted instead. He offered me a hall pass. That ain't that a guilt trip. So since i cheated you can go out and cheat to make up for what he did now. You might have been depressed. But you ain't crazy. So i told him no. Thanks andy right after you told him no. Thanks see. that's another thing. You checked out to manage. Then he cheated on you then he turned around gay. You a hall pass. Then you told him no. Thanks cause you ain't crazy but you went out and had an affair on your own. Very discreetly so now you didn't check back out the marriage again. There's no way he'll ever figure out what i'm doing on the side because now he's checked out of our crazy marriage. Okay not you checked out you cheap. He been checked out but you think he ain't so now he didn't check out again. Did you say is none for me to find him on the couch with his feet up talking to another female gossip. We went her like their girlfriends. Then here's the part where it got all unbelievable. He goes shopping with your sisters mom all the time and they stayed out of town to go shopping at outlet mall who go with your mom and they sister to it. What black do you know. Go outta town. When his mama is sister go shopping outlet mall. Who do that and you know once again back to how small yo town years how you gotta go out of town to find a damn mall. That's really a small town. If you gotta go out of town to find an outlet mall do y'all stay in the village. My sister loves come to me with a bunch of rumors about my husband. She tries to still miss in. Here's another telltale sign. But i'm not that concerned about my what my husband is doing. This is a woman who's completely checked out. You see all these checkout red flags in his merits see suggested i call his mom and sister. Ask about the shopping trip. See how low. My husband's really with them. Or if he ducks out to see a female. Here's the next line now. All these lines some up the letter. I don't have the energy for any of that. Really flail checked out next line. So what if he likes other women. Oh wife says so. What if he likes other women. All these sentences. Right here is is detail. Taylor this whole letter next centers. You ready for this. I'm cheating because i wanted some different. What listen to the sentence. All of these is back to back you ready for the next centers. I see why he might be interested in other women what any of these sentences by they sell is damaging evidence for she put them all in the same paragraph back to back to back. You ready for the next one. This is the one that's absurd. My husband and i have been best friends for twenty five years. And that's what's most important to me. Are you nuts. y'all free y'all best free that don't give a damn body children. Am i wrong for not caring what he's up to no you wrong. You don't care how you wrong for not you don't care i told you to top. This marriage is over. it's been over. You're not in a marriage. y'all is some miss. Y'all sitting up. So where your roommates. He got his feet up on a confrontational comfortable talking to other girl. You and now ain't no consequence. Ain't nobody boston no ashtray over. Nobody he or anybody here know all y'all got all the windows in the house drive all his flat. Adl sugar gasping knows. Call meal when you need baby. That's right. You're listening to steve harvey morning show.

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