Democrats Move Fast on Biden's Marxist, Multi-Trillion Spending Bill


That can unify the party with the White House, swooping in at times to resolve disagreements, two sources Familiar with the emerging bill said. We're at a place where the rubber is hitting the road in terms of shaping the policy and fine tuning everything and really racing toward those deadlines. Said a senior Democratic aide. Adding the Senate hopes to vote on the bill by September. 27. If you ever use your phone to call Capitol Hill now is the time texts, emails, cinnamon and and mansion. If you're in Arizona, you're in West Virginia. You better You better get on this. Get on your toes here. The aide said. Democrats can move rapidly because many of the policies have been developed over the years before they became part of Biden's 2020 campaign. Yeah, Bernie Sanders. That Bernie Sanders. In a memo to congressional offices, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said. Republican Listen listen to how they lie. These American Marxists. Said Republicans who oppose Biden's build back better. Agenda are fighting to protect the rich. Describing so if you support capitalism, you oppose massive debt. You don't want to bankrupt Medicare. You don't want to give amnesty Total Eagle. Aliens should believe in a diversified voting system, not a centralized system to help the Democrats and on and on and on. Obviously you support the rich. Leveling the playing field to ensure the wealthiest in corporations pay their fair share. Well, why don't you just pass a tax bill then? And by the wealthiest I don't know what they mean. But the top 5% pay like 40, or 50% of the income taxes in this country.

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