New York Governor Hochul Commits To 'Open, Ethical Governing' in First Speech


Barracks new governor war white today in honor of the women's suffrage movement in her first day on the job as governor of new york she is. New york's first woman governor and the first new york governor in over one hundred years from new york's second largest city buffalo after three consecutive governors. Who were men from new york. City governor kathy hotel represents a change in culture in that office in more ways than one thinking with a dramatic change in culture the accountability and no tolerance for individuals. Who crossed the line today. I'm directing an overhaul of state government policies on sexual harassment and ethics starting with requiring that all training be done live instead of a long click their way through a class in a new era of transparency and one of my hallmarks of my administration. Who to me. It's very simple. Will focus on open. Ethical governing that new yorkers will trust. I'll sign an executive order requiring ethics training for every employee of new york state government which shockingly is not required across the

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