California fire approaches Lake Tahoe after mass evacuation


The entire California resort city of south Lake Tahoe was ordered to evacuate in communities just across the state line in Nevada were warned to get ready to leave because of the Caldor fire which has burned more than a hundred and eighty six thousand acres and is just fifteen percent contained hello anon with two other fires and evacuations was ready to do it again Monday that's more out of control and I thought worried about his home packing up his truck with what could fit and looking at the road loses traffic jams I have no idea it was everybody just left at once historically has been this kind of evacuation that's a very tired cal fire PO Dominic Polito at one thirty AM this morning news was a bit chaotic but everyone got out of where they needed to get out according to cal fire at least six hundred and sixty four structures most of them homes have been destroyed the threat across the state is so widespread because of dry conditions the U. S. Forest Service has closed all National Forest until at least September seventeenth I'm Julie Walker

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