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Hey hello welcome. Welcome to another episode now. My guest this week as a ghostwriter turned international bestselling author and business book experts A name is matali date And otherwise known as the authority creator metalli transforms coaches consultants and speakers tons of me to thought leaders by enabling them to become published authors within ninety days. Pretty fast and to explore some of that in in In in the course of this discussion Featured on abc nbc cbs and fox. She's helped a client generate over five million dollars in additional business revenue. That's pretty impressive by anyone's standards as a recipient of coaching and mentoring for weight loss issues addiction mental health business and korea. She has made it her. Life's mission to help coaches consultants and speakers to succeed her favorite business book stock with why by simon cynic. That's my guest matata. Hey metalli how are you doing very well. Thank you for having makeith my absolute pleasures. Great to have you here. So normally only i would. I would say okay. We've heard you. We've heard your bio but the coup matali but you know what we're we're gonna take a cue from your favorite business boot start with why. Why do you do what you do. Gosh i think in in the intial. That kind of explained a little bit about it. I i wouldn't be where i am if it weren't for coaches consultants because mental therapists counselors. Oh my god. I've seen the mole. Can i really have. I still have the now in life avid therapists on have to have a business cushion of business mental. So this three people in my life right now helped me. i'm i think come reasonably. While the justice human being now i was a mess in my early twenties. Unfortunately i i managed to go down a really dark path wet. I became addicted tim. Fast men's i lost my home as so. I ended up in homeless shelter for just over a year You know again. It was these amazing coaches than therapists consultants and people came into my life. Who really gave me the motivation and got me cleared. Then got me my life back you know. So the reason why towns your question is i all these people. My life my business. My fitness might everything. And i think a lot people. Don't talk so much about this whole thing about families a big thing in anybody. Anyone says all that person's really into that family is seen as a positive. I'm not saying it shouldn't be. It shouldn't be seen as a muslim. It is wonderful of you have a lovely family who supported it is wonderful if you have lovely friends who support you but no one seems to talk about the fact that actually the people. You're probably the most honest with brutally honest with is that not your friends and family. He usually with friends and family. You love them so much. You want to protect them from the ugliness that is you know. We all have oakland's inside of us. Let's be honest so i set Whenever there was anything going wrong in my life people. I tend to will coaches and mentors and consultants not friends and family. I'm not saying. I don't have a wonderful in. Oh support network offense in family. I do bio will join was protected from things going wrong in my life. I don't want to bid you know thought you don't mind. Visiting your coaches consultants gets paid to do. You know that is what you'll pay them to do to show polls and help you with us. So yeah i this is why now i. It is my life's mission to help these people. I found out john rodney. Beginning of the pandemic last year. I found a couple of statistics that i found upsetting so on was the international coaching federation. That stated eighty two percent of coaches fail within two years And then the bureau of labor statistics stated that eighty percent of consultants fail within two years. This is by the way.

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