Why the Radical Left Continues to Get More Radical


Things We're talking to congressman from Utah for Burgess Owens just a great guy and a good man I've been personally vouched for his character folks whatever that means I know he's a good man But I'm seeing a couple different I agree with you that there is I mean there were a lot of Democrats for Trump There's no question about that That's undeniable We are seeing some Democrats wake up We are seeing large swaths of what we call the right side of the political spectrum Wake up as well That just being a Republican isn't good enough We have to advocate for actual conservative things liberty freedom a big R guy given rights for everyone But what I'm also seeing in Burgess is I'm not an optimist as much as I'm a realist and I'm seeing this kind of hardening of the 25 30 35% left of the country what we would call the radical left where they're just getting more and more radical congressmen And I mean the things they're proposing means you're up in Congress You see it Jamal Brown AOC you know Cori Bush you know Bernie Sanders on the Senate side even though you're in the house you mean you're around these people all day And the idea is they're pushing congressmen or crazier and crazier things when you were a kid even left this Democrats as a kid would say come on defunding the police That's crazy No one actually doesn't Judging people by the color of their skin CRT That's crazy They're getting more radical They are They are they're getting more radical so they get more desperate And I'm going to use a real quick analogy Aggressive for a long long time They've been stealth they have been like little termites They've been for decades undermining every single foundation made our country great Anything brings together this but they've been undermining And what's happened is they've gotten to count down to ten yard line and they see that they see the goal line It just can't wait to get there And they're getting desperate but they're realizing that we're waking up We're now beginning to talk to each other We the people become kind of show itself what it is That is an unbelievable power So to begin to see it so now they're just they're just pulling back curtains They just say I don't care what you see what you understand I don't care if you see the truth We're going to get ourselves in the next ten yards and go for it Well unfortunately for them they're waking their sleep and giant American people don't want that I don't care if they own a one yard line We don't want slavery dependency We want

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