Vaccine Mandates Are About Power; Not Helth


Dennis prager here an interesting outright now from cnbc. On the thing that i have wanted merck says it is now. it's new. Cova pill reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by half some patients they face three trial of merck and rich back bio therapeutics oral antiviral treatment. Mall nuke you know it's funny. All of these teams are tough. The first time and like i remember hydroxy chloroquine and now it comes off the tongue like hello. Let's see mal new pie. Revere mary go ma new pie revere why do they make up. These names that showed it reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by around fifty percent of covert patients merck plant seek emergency use authorization in the us it author if if off the rise by regulatory bodies mo new pair of air could be the first oral antiviral medicine for covert. So here's an interesting question if you if this is out. Why do we insist that people take the vaccine because it has nothing to do with health. It's in the guise of health just like the destruction of america and the power to the left emanates from anti-racism. It's the it's simply the front. Under which power is exercised

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