Star Gymnasts Give Chilling Testimony on FBI Mishandling of Larry Nassar Case

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Our listeners. There will be descriptions of sexual assault here so if you need to skip ahead. Now's the time but with that. Let's go to christine brennan sports columnists with usa today. Abc news contributor. And she's actually been covering the story since it broke which is years now right christina. What stuck out to you about this testimony yesterday brad. The power is in the platform. A lot of what was said by. Simone biles and allie race men michaela maroney and mcnichols. A lot of it has been in reports or has been printed in newspaper stories and online it. Some of it was new but a lot of it wasn't. I've had to be taken in an ambulance. Because i pass out and i'm so sick from just the trauma and it might not even be after a hearing like this it just hits me out of the blue to have us be reminded of the horrors of larry nassar to see these incredible women especially simone biles. Everyone just watched her six weeks ago in tokyo and all that she went through there i worked incredibly hard to make sure that my presence could maintain a connection between the failures and the competition at tokyo twenty twenty that has proven to be exceptionally difficult burden for me to carry. It is a reminder That that this denver goes away. Never goes away for them and though it in that means it shouldn't ever go away for us and they're survivors of larry. Nassar have a right to know why they're wellbeing was placed in jeopardy by these individuals. Who chose not to do their jobs to date. No one from the fbi. The us opec or usa. G has faced federal charges. other than larry

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