Exercising and Modifying Workout Routines During Pregnancy


And that seems to be. What's the growing general consensus with doctors. And women who are cross fitting and get pregnant is keeping up but stay comfortable. Do it until you start to feel uncomfortable. And then it's time to but of course modifying the entire time. You're not going. Burt right when when you start to show right now. You're not going out enduring. Giant spreads trying to pr. Your lives through things like that. So it's all stay comfortable and then as you said toward the latter part of your pregnancy. It started just in general starting to get uncomfortable. You're starting tired so that was when you started to cut it back. Yeah and obviously for every every woman it's different man. Every woman feels differently on the different things that they want to modify accidentally pr. And my dad. Lift my early in. My and i was like what's look shouldn't do that so you know i was comfortable. It was weird. Because that's my comfortable place so we've been women go. We actually had a woman once. Did you about our location. I was never really asked. Okay when we were up on the third floor of our original building and she she crossed fitted pretty much up to the point that she was supposed to be do and then quit then like was. I think she was gone for like a week. Part of this probably making up. But i think she was gone for a week then realize maybe he wasn't coming so she came back and then like five days later so she literally like prostrated up to the point of giving

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