Brandon Stiver: Orphan Care and the Modern Missionary - burst 14


Would have been a better situation so the thing with adoption which is complex is there's always some sort of difficulty before that like like adoption is sometimes not done right and i fully understand and agree with that and at the same time. There is something that's going on. That's leading to that situation. That needs to be corrected and if we could actually prevent than we would actually need alternative family care of any type so there's a lot to that but yeah that's at least our story and again i'm just one individual but i would say generally speaking reunification needs to be prioritized and at the same time we can't only focus on reunification to the detriment of the fact that some kids can't safely reunify absolutely absolutely brandon. I want to draw the conversation back out to a much broader perspective. What do you think the greatest social challenge of our time is something that future generations would look back on and wonder what on earth we were thinking. Oh that's a big question and actually this coming now. I have to actually think. I think i would circle back to this issue of of kindness. I feel like a lot of this is exacerbated by what we see on social media and there's a lot of justice issues certainly think about environment in just a lot of our shortsightedness on environmental issues. I think of our own sector and care reform in wiry allowing kids to perpetually be separated from appropriate care settings you know i could think a lot of those justice issues that are really significant and could easily answer your question but i think that there should be a more fundamental things which is. Why can't we be kind to one another. I don't know you know. I think it would be in a lot of ways for you and i who have different views to get onto a podcast and point out all the things that we disagree on or we could just have an honest in deep conversation and just show kindness. And just say wow okay. I thought that like oh. That's a really good question. I have to think about that. Kindness would actually go a lot further. And that's not a

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