Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games Gabby Dizon on Why He Started YGG

Venture Stories


Everybody welcome to another episode of venture stories by village global on here today joined by few special guests. We've gabby dion of g. G and linda shay of skelter linda gabby welcome to the buck s. Thanks for having me expecting us awesome. I'm here joined by mike. Majko's lucas baio at village. Global team lucas. Welcome awesome so maybe as as an introduction gabby one one you for those unfamiliar. Why don't you introduce what is why did he. And what compelled you to start it. Sure so why did you or you'll games is laid to earn gaming guild. So it's a community of gamers that flavius different. Nfc based games similar to axiom. Senate the the give it self Think of a world of work yield exempt up. The guilt itself owns these assets that if we invest in and then we land out these assets to our blair community around the world so that they can play An ebay games and actually earn some money from them and some historical overview about how this category came to be okay so played. The earn is a pretty new phenomenon. I would say just start the last year of been in the blockchain gaming space since early two thousand eighteen and really experimenting long like what what really could be the use case of blockchain games so there have been a lot of discussion on how players having ju- ownership which means that if i haven't nfc. I really own it. There's interoperability but one of the use cases emerged last year is that you could use these. And if these to play a game and win some currency rewards. So these are these are in game rewards. That could be exchanged for For fiat money And that's helped me started the axiom affinity popular lice this Model and it started gaining traction here in my home country. The philippines last year during the early part of a lapdog when people in their royal philippines started Discovered acting started laying as a way to earn money while they were laid off stuck on It's clearly no knowing dumb and it really just up there

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