California Wildfires Threaten Famous Giant Sequoia Trees

What A Day


Wildfires in california are now threatening some of the biggest trees on earth two fires in the sierra nevada mountains have already closed down sequoia national park which is home to giant sequoia trees. Some that are as tallest three hundred feet and hundreds of thousands of years. Old two thirds of all giant sequoia groves acres already burned down and wildfires within the last five years historic drought and heat waves caused by man made climate. Change are to blame for the extreme proliferation of fires in the area. Firefighters are working hard to protect the giants by doing things like robbing them in huge fire-resistant blankets that are usually reserved for protecting buildings. Here's hoping that they're able to save the general sherman tree which fun fact is the largest city in the world by volume it will become the biggest and most vengeful tree goats if we kill it via climate change we cannot let that

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