A Look at Season 9 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine


We have talked on this show about brooklyn nine nine. We even didn't episode on it back in two thousand fifteen and we've been delighted to see it renewed and revived as it's wended. Its way through eight seasons last month. That kicked off a final ten episode season which ends with the last two episodes airing thursday night. Now this season follows along gap the last episode of season seven aired in april of twenty twenty one month before the murder of george floyd and the reckoning that followed included a national conversation about depictions of police and tv and movies. And this show certainly could not have moved forward or finished. Its run without acknowledging the world around it brooklyn nine nine. Final season has its characters. Reckoning that new landscape in different ways rosa diaz has left the force to investigate bad cops while other characters are reassessing and smaller and subtler ways. Charles boyle is leaning into virtuous signaling amy santiago and captain holt are pushing for department wide reforms jake. Peralta is taking responsibility for his own missteps as a cop not to mention trying to maintain work life balance now that he and amy have a new

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