A highlight from Mosaic CIO Jeff Wysocki on The Five-Pronged IT Strategy


The ceo of quick base elect photo sharing. How we've helped over five thousand enterprises mature there since automation programs and now onto the interview with jeff. Welcome greatest you today. Thanks peter nice to see you as well. Well jeff if you wouldn't mind as mosaic is probably as bb organization. is not necessarily a household name to everyone who will be listening to this mentioned some of the basics that it's a producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. I hope he won't take offense. That's additional Description of that would probably be appropriate to to help our listeners and viewers learn a little bit more as to what that means. Would you take a moment into so. I wasn't a friend joins us now. So we really are mine out at my fascinated potash or we really use that viable feed and fertilizers for the agriculture industry. Have a big footprint. In brazil and north america that's majority of our revenue says out although we do have a presence in india china's well in to distributing in the country excellent and i'd love to talk a little bit about. It's role in an organization like that You pass conversations. You not talk a bit about the it strategy and the five prongs to it'll roll through those really quickly and i'd love to maybe have you dive into what each of those entails Your current strategy includes a partner to win accelerate impact of it unlocked data security and scale in business of it. Jeff if you would mind if we kind of cover each of those in order and get a little bit of a description as to what each means. Let's begin with partner to win. What what does that entail. Sure of my join vic on things that we immediately was once the as she strategy going for how we take a look at our team members. How do we took forget what the reception via. It was and upon joining. It was very clear a brand of. It was needed to be out within the organization in one of the things that are loud and clear was that the relationship between a lot of stakeholders across mosaic and e t organization was broken. So one of one of the terms that i've really liked and something. I fundamentally believe in this. Partnership a scenario where technology underlies just about every company strategy element. No going or. It needs to be at the table having accommodation as to how technology can enable business chief abilities so for me reimagining not only of the culture by team how thinkable plain roller but also organizationally we structure ourselves. So we're at the table. Having of important conversations as businesses strategies so really excited to see structure changes. We made the organization in order to set up a business partner view as well as i've been really really pleased with the conversations changing. It being police customer. I wanna be responsive to what they need to a partner at the table having the right conversation around value around benefit around risk and how i can play abroad role air so excitable progress. We've made still ways to go but the right hovers jeff. That's interesting we dive into that just a little bit further. That would suggest. I would imagine a bit of a culture change. The way you described that is is kind of a new way of operating Not necessarily the historical way of operating as an it function Talk a bit about the the way in which you think about making that change happened. Does it entail bring in some new new people who kind of know what good looks like in. This new reality does it. Include the retraining reorienting. Some in some way the existing staff so that they have the skills a new skills necessary to bring that that objective to life. That's me it's really around a couple of different pieces. One of the of the team out have a lot of tenure in mosaic which is fantastic. Lucky boat really no business. Well so was a huge positive coming in with that though. Come see what's the art of the possible in. What do what does go look like this. Other industries ounce broadens and people who have a limited that perspective as well for me. It's really changing. The way we operate was the main piece part of always. Look at how i mentioned earlier about. Sort of this partnership. He's of spent a lot of time. Is what we consider to be your operating model and that's a big shift. We've made around investment agile about six months down. The journey at this point really excited even just over the last mom to see the progress into how that's how that's moving forward so it'd be able to move from kind of traditional now. Give me the information. I'll come back to you. A year from now deliver something to drive into clicker value and it's really gotten a moral punish conversation with businesses. Exactly what we're working on or very transparent about what we're doing or in a situation more kind of lack the funding from quarter to quarter as well and look of a black finding approach where that's a whole different than what gonna cost to around for the annual finding process that gives us a lot more flexibility being able to repair ties as needed. I know what the environment with everyone around now. Kobe and everything else. Having that flexibility is really important. But i think the other pieces it release a modern way of working for all the it employees. I think it's more exciting time. Now be working now operating reading model. That's exciting that's current and that starts driving more value throughout the rest of the organization it dovetails nicely with the second objective accelerate impact of. It talk a bit about some of the methods that you're using to do so. I can imagine some of what you just described in terms of agile methodology. Better collaboration with with the rest of the organization is part of the pathway. There but talk about some of the other aspects that. Bring that to life please. I think one of the things that were really important as that came. In as i want to make sure i. T's objectives capabilities are very aligned to where the corporate companies now she objectives are as rolled out our even our twenty twenty one objectives. We've got really sixty priorities across mosaic. That our our ceo is outline very clearly it. Capabilities are required for every single one of those six

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