Can We Trust the U.S. Institutions That Provide Intelligence Briefings?


So adam schiff who walks out of closed intelligence briefings to tweet out things. He heard to the media bodies behind closed doors. He says you can't trust. Donald trump with intelligence briefings. Let me take back issue from that clown. And just turn it into a serious question for you greg and know you other guy who dealt with the russia hooks the witch hunt can we trust the institutions that are providing the intelligence briefings. I've had very serious guests in studio form officers. Say the doj is done the f. is done send in the us marshals take it apart brick-by-brick and rebuild it because they are so corrupt. What is greg. Jarrett's response to the state of the machinery of justice and intelligence in america. Well you know in. The intelligence community is sort of an oxymoron right And look i. I know a lot of i was talking to a former. Cia senior operations officer just a few hours ago. Today is an incredibly bright man. And he he's disgusted with Some of the intelligence that emanates from our agencies An adam schiff. Of course you know. It's pretty rich for him to be talking about a trust. In that vein. Our institutions are only as good as the people who occupy those institutions and agencies and departments. In when you've got people like adam schiff as a member of congress in either when you've got people like James comey andrew okay. Peter struck Lisa page bruce. John brennan james clapper will of the people who perpetrated the greatest hoax in american history on its people and sought to drive of president from office simply because they disliked tim and made up a infamous lie about him. You know those are untrustworthy individuals. They have demeaned in defamed and made a mockery of the agencies and departments that they were the head of and deeply involved in

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