We Need To Honor America’s First Responders


Can you also talk about just first responders in general on nine eleven as this episode airs this day where remembering people that went into the conflict and went into the fire and went into try and sacrifice themselves for a broader purpose. That kind of commitment to duty which i feel. We're losing in our country right now. Can you talk about that in your own personal life and how that's a value you and your at your company really tried to embody Nine eleven in the actual day has burned into my mental psyche as it has with millions of other people as a medic and the training that we've gone through and i correlate it back with judy of august october. Twenty seventeen in las vegas. Your training kicks in and the firefighters. That i know that i that i revere and and it's not just firefighters. It's all of our law enforcement my my belief on this and the little things that drives minute in coffee is these are the true minute. These are the true american heroes that have sacrificed so much per. so many. How many other professions besides our military and our first responders actively put that uniform on and go out and put themselves into harm way arms. They and sacrifice what what other people can't even fathom in me. That is what the enemy of a minute then. It's whether we're standing up and fighting the tyrants seventy three seventy four seventy five seventeen seventy sex or modern day blazing into that fire and rescue those children or or just coming up and within the law enforcement end the medic community and i think the first responded community is getting a bad rap. Now with this cancel cauldron law enforcement and you know the. The big shots are medics paramedics are. Emt's no they're sung heroes in para medicine and we need to honor them. We need to honor this entire

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