Leading Relationship Therapist Lissy Abrahams on How to Have a Peaceful Divorce or Separation


We're gonna talk about separation and divorce and in the pre show you mentioned. It's one of the things that you're passionate about in helping couples navigate it in the best way possible. Because you've seen when it's not done well and that can be pretty nasty and just not good for anyone involved certainly if there's kids as well so today we're gonna talk about that in how to do it the best way possible and there's a lot to think about and a lot that goes on when separation divorce happened. So why don't we start by having you tell us why you are passionate about helping people through this process in some of the big things to look out for and we'll talk about how to navigate them and one of the things with separation and divorce is that i lost honda have also advanced so woven together and depending on how many years as well it in there so many aspects that Dismantling when we going through a separation and we don't know how much it lives originally. Why until we get to these points and his things we don't even expect so we need to make thousands of thousands of decisions it. All the time about how to navigate is separate how to go into two households and How did raise out tens of family and find stacy getting chance of all of that. So what we. What i say can really help. People is to have an anchor of integrity and what make by. Ankara vacek retain is. It's guiding kind of principle. That says i'm going to operate treating aches gonna with respect in every single matter that i choose and myself as well and so what that means is it means if i'm going through illegal price says i'm not going to tear into them and treat them reporting late evening. Thanks treat may lake if you're going to the children about what's happened. I'm not going to them down. I'm not going to make myself the victim of appearance It also means how communicate with my ex pa some guy to make decisions based on treating the specimen respect because it hurts may not to so every time i have a go at my exile yell at them. I write nasty messages. I say i'm gonna get you. Were going gonna lose the kids. It actually hurts me as an individual to treat them like

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