Maybe You Don’t Have the Eye for Art That You Think You Have

The Gargle


Section now. And this is the story of qatari shea who lost a legal battle recently of a five point two million dollars worth of fake ancient artifacts tip stevenson. You talk about fake stuff. All the time what's happening while the swiss dealer is disputed this claim the a two thousand year old bust of alexander. The great was worthless. I'm not sure what they're saying is fake here. Like how were they fake. Is it the age that's faked or is it not alexander the great thumb there might you've got him purchased and alexander the mediocre if stuffed yourself up so apparently this shake has lost a five point two million over these various pieces. I think there was also one that they pay two point. Two million four. A statuette of the greek goddess of victory nike or nike depending on whether you in america or england in ancient greece. Just do it. But they haven't commented on any of the other. Greek statues amaze. Which is the greek god of leaving your parcel in. Been two doors down. Cla media the greek goddess of one night stands and athena the greek goddess of topless men cradling babies so Yet so this man's angry it sounds like a bunch of people with too much money arguing with a bunch of people too much money and then paying some lawyers to argue about it for too much money. Well if you've call as much money as he has then what else are you going to do with it. I don't like feeling sorry for the rich. So sharpie but i also score the. He was suing a gallery for selling him. Three hundred thousand pounds of fake not ancient mosaics. So there's a pattern here. Is he not learning. Yeah i mean this is like blaming all of your exits at some point. You've got to realize that the thing you will have in common issue and maybe the ifa fought that you think you

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