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Heavy flooding there. There was more rain in the forecast for our areas afternoon. A flood watch remains in effect for New York City until tomorrow morning, and a flood warning is in effect for southern Middlesex County, New Jersey until midnight. New York City has officially recognized the Labor union representing hundreds of City Council AIDS. The news website City and state reports The union plans to hold contract talks with Council Speaker Corey Johnson. The Association of Legislative Employees says it wants to standardize pay hours and hiring and firing practices for their members. The group is now the country's largest union of legislative staff. City Council workers have been pushing to unionize for almost two years. The process was delayed by the pandemic. Well, yes. No surprise again. Rain is likely this afternoon could be heavy at times will have a high today. 83 lead this afternoon tonight. More showers, thunderstorms, but it should gradually clear up overnight Low 72 tonight tomorrow Tuesday Sunny. It's going to be hot, though it's a trade off. Not having that rain high near 90 tomorrow in the afternoon, but it could feel as high as 95 with the humidity clear Tomorrow night. We'll see Love about 73. W when my C at 106 Support for NPR comes from USPS with the speed of business. Changing USPS is committed to changing with it more at USPs dot com slash new routes. The United States Postal Service priority You

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