Is the Left Intentionally Trying to Kill Off Conservatives?


I don't know that. I fully ascribed to john. Nolte's argument that people like sturt. Stern went on a tear. Recently where he mocked all the people who have been dying of cova the radio host has been six or seven conservative radio hosts who've died of covert and they were anti vaxxers apparently or allegedly and they were anti mask and they got covert and some of them had a deathbed conversion. I hope people get vaccinated. They supposedly said who knows if any of that. What portion of any of that is true but nolte's argument is by mocking and ridiculing and taunting people. The left is intentionally trying to kill off conservatives. I'm not sure that there's not some merit to that. I'm sorry. I've been thinking a lot about that since i saw the article last night looking for mexican if ivermectin is effective against covert as many studies. Suggest it is. Don't believe me. Look at the nih on the nih website. Why are they show. Anti ivermectin tucker. Carlson last night made a pretty pretty profound observation about drugs. In america and how easy it is to get one kind of drug but not another. Check this out so early treatment. Not just with ivermectin but with all of the therapeutics that have been used in the past year is amazingly and mysteriously attacked denied ignored. Anybody who touches it. It's touching the third rail. And i discussed it a few months ago and they came after me. My twitter account was suspended. It's still suspended even after. I appealed but the twitter courts are apparently not in session now and they haven't responded to my emails in the last three weeks. Perhaps this segment will help. Unlock it Other physicians had been similarly attacked. They've had their prescriptions denied. So why is it happening. Why is early safe. Effective treatment not being talked about. I think that's a very very important question.

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