A highlight from Isabel Hardman's Sunday Roundup - 19/09/21

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Not coffeehouse shots spectators daily is perhaps hartman and this is the sunday roundup with the un climate change conference in glasgow looming ever closer andrew. Moss spoke this morning to alex. Sharma the president for cop. Twenty six more asked shawmut about what the u k government was preparing to do in order to meet some vicious targets of zero carbon emissions by twenty fifty. You promised uk will reach net zero by twenty fifty. And i want to look at what that would mean. So for instance fifteen percent of our emissions come from domestic homes without have to end what we have. We're going to be setting out A netzer strategy before cop six. We will address what we need to do across a whole range of sectors. But what i would say is that you actually has been making progress. So on a thirty year view we have managed to cut emissions by over forty percent and yet managed to grow our economy almost eighty percent. And if we don't Decarbonised our own homes than you have real problems at cop for anyone else listening to us. In other words we have to set. Set an example. Which is why. I'm sticking on this so i think something like twenty four and a half million homes in britain have gas boilers. Do you need to get rid of all of those gas boilers and putting heat pumps instead. What oversee as people look to replace their boilers they'll be alternatives available to them this about forcing anyone to do anything under this is about providing incentives the same way they keep in the same way in the same way that we're providing incentives for people for instance take on electric vehicles and the cost of these technologies is coming down significantly. So you've got companies like octopus energy. Which are talking about harming the cost that are of heat pumps so we will see this. We've seen this with every technology i mean. Look at look at this if you if you're saying that we're not going to get rid of all of those gas boilers and we're not going to put in the insulation. It's on that's why protests. Get so angry. And i put it you the reason that you give me answers on this is that it simply eye watering expensive to remove a gas boiler and put in a heat pump costs around ten thousand pounds per house and the average household income is about thirty thousand dollars. That is an eye. Watering amount will under his said. I mean you've got many factors like octopus energy. Who are talking about having the cost from ten thousand to five thousand and you've seen this with economies of scale when you have scaling up prices do come down. I'm confident that will happen. But actually there are two aspects of this one of course is ensuring that we are supporting people as they make this transition. The other is the whole agenda of leveling up. The business secretary has been in emergency. Talks with energy companies after the price of gas reportedly says by as much as seventy percent in august. Elaine amid warnings that this kind of increase could threaten christmas. Ma asked sharma if the situation could be brought back under control on the eye. Watering increase in gas prices should people be bracing themselves the possibility of shortages frozen food and other products. Well under i mean people of course would be very concerned by what they're reading the papers what they're hearing on the news but you'll know that the business secretary has been having very detailed discussions with the weekend. He'll continue those on monday with the sector. And i think the the clear the clear message that has come out too far too so people shouldn't be concerned about the risk to supply in fact A significant part of our gas supplies comes domestically The imported gas primarily will come from countries like norway. So we all secure in that but of course when it comes to prices they'll be concerned as well but we have the energy price camp We have the woman's discount to protect people at this particular time if gas prices carry on rising and it is an extraordinarily fast and big rise that we're seeing. Would you remove the green energy cap. Well look i think this is. Let's let's see where we are. The i know that the business is going to have these very detailed discussions and we're not being complacent about this at all. But i think the clear message that i want to give people is that we do not see risks of supplies right now and prices are being protected. Trevor phillips also expect shop and asked him about the big fish that cop twenty six would like to see very firmly inside the net president xi of china. You got one hundred leaders instead. They're coming has president. Xi jinping of china said he's coming but no not yet but As you know. I was in china recently. I had constructed very frank discussions with china and of course it made various commitments on on cutting emissions on phasing down the use of coal and i was very clear i said to them that we want to see the detail policy around this and they along with every other major economy the g. twenty have committed before cop twenty six driver to come forward with ambitious plans to cut emissions. And i have to say to you that in every conversation. I had with the chinese of a very clear. They were very clear that they want to see copter and six success so the ball is very much in. That court phillips. Turn to the matter of orches- the new defense partnership between australia the uk and the us that was announced earlier. This week though. Not explicitly aimed at doing so. Orcas is widely seen as an attempt to push back against chinese dominance in the pacific.

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