A highlight from BOX366: Picnic With Beelzebub


Oddities with your friend ron on my friend ron yeah. He's an old friend of mine and he's extremely brilliant. He has phd optics or something like that. But a wicked sense of humor. And i think that we've all been a little bit worn down by the social media posts more frequently on facebook than anywhere else where they ask you a stupid simple question Like what was your favorite color as a kid and then people will post blue and clearly. What they're doing is fishing for information right. No word has two fouls in a row proved me wrong. Yeah right exactly well. Runs found a way to combat. That or at least protested you. Okay okay all right. So let's let's give them a few examples here. What was your favorite candy as a child. Ron writes i loved chocolate. Covered corporate data mining. No word has two os in a row. Corporate duda mining. What was your favorite meal as a kid that your mom used to make run rights corporate data mining and now he's taken it to a whole new level. He's creating his own memes. Let me read. You just posted. Your mother won the lottery with a dollar amount equal to your social security number. How much did she win. My favorite part about it is that i just keep getting updates about his posts and i'll be in the shower and it's like. Hey ron answered another question. What was the first car that you drove a nineteen eighty-four pontiac. Corporate data mining two-tone coop. Anyway well played ron and for the love of god please. Facebook ban these things well. Yeah oh you're an angry elf. Right there comes an end to all things. The most compati- measure is filled at last and this brief condensation to evil finally destroyed the balance of my soul. What is that from as robert louis. Stevenson dr jekyll and mr hyde. We've all heard the story of jacqueline hyde. Written by stevenson first published in eighteen eighty six. It was originally titled the strange case of dr. Jekyll and mr hyde. And this of course. It's a classic gothic novella. But did you know there was a real doctor. Hide any also had a very dark in sinister side. Oh my all right. So i know it's mr hyde and dr jekyll but there was a doctor. Hide his name was dr bennett. Clark hide it was a prominent well to do doctor in kansas city missouri in the early nineteen hundreds in one thousand nine hundred five he married. The niece of a local millionaire whose name was francis. Swope she was the niece of colonel. Thomas swope now the entire swope family. They didn't care too much for dr high. They had this weird feeling about him. They strongly opposed the marriage. They felt that he probably was marrying frances. For the money francis father logan swope had died five years previously in the year. One thousand nine hundred that left a grieving widow and seven children now. Colonel swope decided. He would relocate by moving into logan swaps mansion to help the family out one of the ways that he helped out was financially he even set aside money that would be dispersed among the seven children. When the time came that he passed he also set aside a large amount of money that he originally planned on dividing up equally among the surviving relatives. But then he. He had an accident and he was bedridden for awhile and he started reconsidering what he was going to do with his money who he was going to bequeath a to he was always going to give the children there share but the rest of the relatives that kyle of money. He was considering just giving to charity and he wasn't secretive about this. He spoke about it quite a bit. So everybody in the family knew what he was considering. Doing including dr bennett. Clark hide who had just married into the family. As i mentioned colonel swope had suffered a minor injury. It was in september of nineteen o nine shortly after. He came to the swope mansion on october. First nineteen o nine colonel swaps cousin jame mosque hunting. Who was the executor of. The estate suddenly fell very ill so the family physician was called along with dr hide. They were called at the same time. And even though the practice of bleeding patient had recently well by this time it kind of fallen out of favor with the medical world. Hide suggested that they they bleed him and so he commenced in doing that and he bled him way too much by the time. Hide finally stopped. The drawing of his blood hunter was dead. And the death was ruled. Accidental doesn't feel like a medical procedure to me so much as a murder two days after that on october. Second colonel swope again. Bedridden was feeling some pain so dr hide gave his nurse a pill to give colonel swope swaps condition deteriorated rapidly Yeah and then. He died the next day. What kind of pill. Well was it a murder pills. Murder pill so dr hide clearly had a plan the death of the executor of the estate jay maas hunting was a just an opportunity that fell into his lap. He legitimately was ill but then he took the opportunity to drain him of all his blood. So then he decides after that Okay great so. I'm gonna off colonel swope before he changes his will which he did now if he had stopped there he might have gotten away with this if it weren't for you midland teenagers in your van. So he What he did. He put together a plan that was so outrageous and so reckless. Many people wonder how we ever thought he was going to get away with this. So in december of the same year again nine hundred ninety nine the entire swope mansion suddenly and mysteriously was felled by a severe outbreak of typhoid fever. Dr hide determined that they had all been drinking the water from the same well. The well-water has has been contaminated. He said that he wasn't drinking the well. No he he wasn't. He hadn't moved in to the mansion. At this point there were nine individuals in all between the family members and visitors to the house as well and the servants they all became ill with typhoid fever. Crispin swope he died right after taking some of the medicine that was

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