Louisiana's Jefferson Parish President on Ida Damage


Wake of Hurricane Ida. Communities in southeastern Louisiana are reporting severe damage. ABC is Matt Gutman is in Walker, Louisiana, making landfall at noon Sunday. Exactly 16. To the day after Hurricane Katrina made landfall item already taking one life with relentless wind gusts up to 150 MPH the storm wreaking havoc, leaving more than a million customers without power in Louisiana and Mississippi. Jefferson Parish president Cynthia Lee Hsiang says they've lost contact with Grand Isle where there may be up to 40 people trapped. We were able to have radio contact with our With some of our firefighters there until probably late afternoon, and then we just lost contact with them. Louisiana State representative Barrel Ahmadi represents the coastal city of Homa, where she says there are down trees, power lines. Um, it will probably be weeks before we get power restored over a million customers with no power in Louisiana this

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