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I i wanna go. I wanna go back just real quick. I about the parole gun. The portal gun at the end of episode nine. Rick gave it. To to morty right here here you go with the portal boys stuff. He went back with the the iphone. Three of portal guns. Which which is the same one that evil rick the one who killed rick's family had in or as early early version of the portal gun. Yeah yeah yeah. Have a bunch of notes that i wrote on my leg because i couldn't find a sheet of paper But you gotta keep a note pat on the desk. And that's that's that's what we've gotten to as as podcasts. I know i couldn't find my pad of paper as we're talking So so there there. There's that piece all this all this talk about portals The learning how to do portal stuff. Evil morning doing a doing a portal. It's all very thematic and goes back to some of Fan kind of speculation throughout the season of of rick Being deep howard. Not the portal gun as much. It hasn't not being featured as much. And i don't know i don't. I don't think it was intentional. For the riders throughout the season to to put less emphasis on the portal gun. But in hindsight that's exactly what it looks like right because as fans noticed that rick wasn't using the portal gun nearly as much and It could be construed as a way going into season six and beyond to not be as heavily tied on the x. Machen awe of being able to just portal your way out of everything because because it's something that they actually have to intentionally show the viewers a anytime ricker. Rick and morty. Get into some sort of predicament. Where they're trapped or things like that they always have to show. Oh well rick left the portable gun in the bathroom. Oh the go. The gun ran out of juice or like they. They always have to kind of wink. It why they can't just portal ave there it. It's it's like horror films win win. Cell phones became a thing. you had to eat. Writers had to start coming up with contrived ways reasons why people didn't have their cell phones on them. Oh i'm in no service area. Well services pretty good mostly everywhere now. So now let's find different The batteries dead. Oh we'll widen could. Everybody has a phone charger in their car I forgot my charger at home. You know shit like that and and there has to be a game changing way to to to stop any of that in. So i want to throw this out there in the Not sure if you caught it but the in the you know behind the episode stuff They talk they talk about this episode. They talk about bringing in Again and they talk about why this this aspect of the story why they had to kind of wait so long for it because this is not an episode that you'd want to introduce in season two especially if there's not if there's no contracts aren't signed yet yes absolutely because a. I think we're on the same page with this. This kind of changes

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