These Microscopic Mites Live on Your Face

Short Wave


We are talking about the microscopic mites that live on our bodies the adult mites. Look like little worms with eight legs on their kind of top half. I guess we call it and the mites live for a few weeks or so. This is incredibly gross but ultimately i support you. I also stop you. Today's expert meghan. Tim is is quite used to the reaction that you're having right now. Emily so i told her. I would defend how cool they are which she appreciated. I'm very excited to hear that. Because a lot of people really freak out and i get a lot of crazy email so these days. Megan's a post doc. At the university of california san diego but before that when she was at north carolina state university. She studied these mites. And she wants to know just how prevalent they were in humans so she and her team looked for. Dna evidence like crime on people's faces the first study that we did on them. We found them on a hundred percent of adults that we tested and now we have looked at thousands of people and have yet to find someone without them. I okay stop you right there. Because i've never heard. Scientists say one hundred percent on anything of adults. Let's be clear. I mean there's also this historical paper that shows that they were found on one hundred percent of adult cadavers. So there's also that out great. Yeah i was worried. You weren't going to find a way to bring dead bodies into this happy anniversary.

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