White House Climate Advisor Says Despite Recent Disasters, Don't Lose Hope


Deadly flooding wildfires heat waves and droughts these have been the headlines all summer in the us with similar disasters around the world to visiting new jersey earlier this week to survey the damage from hurricane ida president biden said we're at an inflection point every part of the country is getting hit by stream weather and We're now living in real what the country is gonna look like and if we don't do so we can't turn it back very much but we can prevent it from getting worse. Abidin administration is pushing bills. Which would be the most sweeping climate change policies ever enacted in the us. But right now. They're still facing major hurdles in congress here to talk about this with us is president biden's national climate advisor gina mccarthy. We'll come back to all things considered thank scott. I know you often talk about the fact that you are optimistic. And even more optimistic than you've been before about enacting the climate policies. But it's been a really frightening summer and a lot of people see these disasters and they wonder. Is it just too late to prevent the worst of climate change. Why is that view wrong. Because a lot of people haven't first of all having these disasters happen and be experienced personally by one out of three people in the united states. Which is what's happened over the past just few months. It's not the way. I really wanted people to get familiar with climate and get active. It certainly would have liked action earlier but this is a tremendous opportunity. We have and. I don't want people to give up hope and i'll tell you why i'm not giving up. Hope number one. I think the president is on target in what he's asking congress to support. I think we'll get it over the finish line but also i want people to understand that we have opportunities with already existing solutions on climate. That will get us where we need to go and get us on. The trajectory to net zero i- job is to deliver the solutions. That's what this package that. The president has been negotiating in pushing his all about

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