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Home for hip hop is standing up against racism and racial injustice in all our communities. Big boy's neighborhood do continue to hang out with us. Thank you for being in of the neighborhood. All right Now we got music leads from Drake and Kanye. My gosh, you like Drake released some Kanye Music, which I was so surprised by and there is a massive feature on the There. And, of course it was a distract. But Chris Brown also going and leaking his own track as well. People just leaving all these like bootleg leaks. Yeah, man, and the crazy thing about it that there's makes so well because they were supposed to go somewhere. You know what I'm saying? So they're real song. So we got the music leads that we're gonna hit you guys off with And in case you missed it on E Cardi B Cardi b up in here for in case you missed it, because she just had her baby number two. Hello. Hey, man, do you know I don't know where it was at, But I didn't know that Cardi had her baby until y'all said it on the phone last night. Really nice. Yeah, man. You're like, all right. I was like, Oh, man. Congratulations. It looks so cute. All right, So we got a great moment with in case you, Mr Cardi B up in here and we were gonna ask. Who are you really paying

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