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Where they were I was already making more money on top of what I had with the crash proof system iron interest in once I earned the interest. It's mine to keep forever. I don't ever have to give that interest back. It's mine. It's in my account, and it accumulates interest. On top of that. That would still Canela and Joanne Small are on a mission to change the way the financial industry is stacked against you, The American retiree. I want you to consider this. When you own stocks and the market drops by 50%. You will need to get a 100% return on investment just to make back the money you lost with the crash proof retirement system. When the market drops by 50%. The worst you can do is make zero but you don't lose anything. When the market starts to go up again, you simply pick up where you left off. Adding interest to your most recent account balance. Here are crash proof consumers who survived the last major market crash with no principal loss, beginning with al Boudicca say retired welder We signed up in a crash proof retirement plan. The first year we did very good now, which said 2000 and seven then they crash came before I used to look at this. That And worry about the different things. You had your money in. You were concerned, but not that concerned because you knew that the money you had in here wasn't going anywhere. There was a guarantee that you weren't going to lose any money after that passed the following year, went back up and did very well. I don't think you can match it anywhere else

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