Food for the Poor Is Feeding Starving Families


It's time right now to do a little bit of god stuff we. I have been show blessed by an audience that has donated over one hundred and thirty two thousand dollars to our food for the poor campaign to help children and families devastated by the seven point two magnitude earthquake in haiti over the weekend. We're closing in on one hundred and forty thousand dollars in donations. We always end strong with these campaigns. You did it again. This show is the standard bear. This show is at the top of the heap and collectively. My colleagues and i have raised well over four hundred thousand dollars so that we can rush food and medicine and water. We got problems all over. You know we can't solve all the world's problems we can't solve all the country's problems but when you have a path to help somebody. I hope you take it. I want you to hear from paul jacobs. Paul jacobs from food for the poor. Who assures us that the money that is being donated by this audience is being rushed to haiti through the contacts. They've made over there with their thirty five years. Working on the island have more than a dozen food centers run by community leaders across the country. That are helping the poor. Get into a far-reaching areas so they win you give right now. Clint that help eighty banner. Your guest is going into the hands. In resourcing pastors in local ministries community partners. That have been vetted for thirty five years. That are going to do the best work and have the most impact.

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