A highlight from 384 - PAM


Well i almost bought a pickup words. And i still meyer near near near near i had now i learned to drive on my dad's big get suburban which was like the size of a greyhound bus. So i'm always love big butch. I've always wanted about ninety five times in the past month ago. If you know. I'm going to debate it with you. All i went in i said how much could you give me for this. They also break down if you could meet this number this number and then you don't want happen my number and i was like Tomorrow cross straight talk with ross with. Tv's breath matthews and friends. there's mckee bears malone there's c. j. j. j. j. hip hip her a straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce. It's friendship laughter farting and set. We'd love the days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not foods 'cause we love our loons straight talk with raw. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on sharda. Nee qua- on jay talk with ross. Oh wow thank you so much around. The whole gang is here. We have malone. Cj nikki boyer. We'll see we missed you. You were ill and then how you gone but it wasn't because of being sick still right. You actually working last week actually working and then you know just the city. We're trying to deal with. i think we just implemented. Everybody just wear masterworks to people feel comfortable. Yes just becoming now. It's so crazy people where you work now. No think we have actually wind. You moved out here. Like i moved out to the nether Ethnical hustle kiki way. Your in palm springs now malone is the lone survivor out there. Survivor is your survivor. And you're not going to give up. But he told the people why. Where are you working in where you wanna tell them. I am at the the amazing the wine lounge where we actually did Are bubbly brunch. So i love the. I love the v. So much i mean it feels like just family. Their friends of the show. Don andrew go there. And so i was going there with ross like well over a year and a half ago or something so and if you don't know it's like it's the wine and cocktail lounge. It's like a huge living room. The whole bar like multiple different living-rooms chairs the hugh. Cj's come in and brought the events there and it's just like the hottest place in palm springs now the event coordinator but do events where i'm actually i'm actually the manager there now to it. So it's it's just amazing. It's really really good. It's come on come all super fine you know and so when you come going up. Sleek them great reviews these days for what is the beast angina. Now come on now better than god so you almost. What do you remember. We were on namedrop tour. And i was driving a big rig we pulled in and i said i said gimme a big rig. I wanna drive on. I feel like a man.

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