Libyan Mission, Donald Trump And Gaddafi discussed on Radio Specials


I freeze Mhm. I had been arranging the most intricate details of where to put an international pariah in Manhattan. And what to do with this superfluous tent, and the addition of Donald Trump to the equation was more than I wanted to handle. So Yeah. So I passed the phone to my boss. Well. In the end, the tent came down and the town of Bedford retracted the criminal summons against me, Thankfully, And Gaddafi ended up staying on the ground floor of the Libyan mission, where a luxury ground floor suite was hastily put up for him. The next day, he gave a 100 minute long speech at the United Nations, where he listed off a number of logical demands, including an inquiry into the assassination of JFK. And then he gave a frustrating interview with Larry King that well, I arranged that. And the next day he flew off to Venezuela, where he met with Hugo Chavez, and I am told that there was no problem erecting the Bedouin tent in Caracas. Donald Trump made off pretty well with a six figure sum for the use of the house that we barely spent time at. And I think the goat was the biggest winner of all because when Gaddafi never arrived at Trump's house, the goat was donated to a petting zoo.

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