Interview With Joel Beasley From Modern CTO

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So i met this gentleman named at pnd bruin. Who owns seven cto's and he said you know do like executive peer groups for technology leaders. Vp's engineer cto's there on me. More like premium side or people are paying twenty thousand dollars a year and it's facilitated by a professional facilitator. You have to pay all that. So it's definitely good value. But he wanted to create something for the mid level of the market. Like you know people that are you know. They're they want to become a manager for the first time or they wanna move from manager to director in that was at a price point that was like much cheaper than that like super affordable even if they wanted to pay for it for themselves so i said okay because i have the audience and you have the knowledge of how to run these communities and the staff and the support so we created elevate one fifty dot com and the idea was elevate. Bring people up to the next level and then one fifty was like one of dunbar's numbers of community size. So we cap the community at one hundred and fifty people and so we have a hundred people now and We've grown over the past eight months and every week we have speakers and then the it's like a ten minute topic of conversation and then you go into a small group of like three to four people in that. That speaker has set you up with something. It's not like a generic cycling of speakers that are doing sales pitches like they have to adhere to our format. And so what it does is it gets you in these communities having these small discussions and building relationships. And that's been like unbelievable. So now i've now i've got this community where i can go and then every every week or every other week i'm getting introduced three or four new peers and were having legitimate conversations.

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