2021 NBA Free Agency: Bulls Strike Fast With Deals for Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso


Thing long term on the bulls. I'm thinking that they might have one free agency yesterday. Because i love the lonzo signing. I love the caruso signing for them. Billy donovan is building a culture. They're the guys that can play with. Zach levine and don't forget they. They added nick which nicola which last last season the deadline the bulls are trying to make the playoffs and much like we've talked about that. The league is better when the knicks are pretty good or good. I still think the same thing from the bull standpoint as well chicago matters so and by the way we've got a couple of things we've got a cup. I mean man. There's a lot of breaking news. Just happening right now. So here's the deal. Woge breaks the story steph. Curry agrees four year. Deal two hundred fifty million dollar contract extension with the warriors so steph curry will remain a warrior for the rest of his career which is fantastic news.

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