A highlight from Can the Golden State Stay Blue? (with Peter Hamby)


That's anywhere between one hundred and fifty percent above the national average to two hundred and fifty percent above national average. And why is this. Because of the extreme environmental environmentalists have a stranglehold over sacramento and have a stranglehold over gavin. Newsom keep our kids in public schools. Safely larry elder and the republicans. Wanna walk off the same kobe. Clear as the sat us and those folks in those other red skates. Hey hacker ruse. Hello we are back after our. You know what welfare state easy labor driven vacation of my to communist partners in crime here but it is good to be back. I enjoyed the vacation to to be honest. And we are well california here. We come because today. We're gonna talk a lot about the recall. You just heard the two top candidates Radio talk show. Host and republican larry elder and embattled governor a gavin newsom. Who are battling it out for. The recall on the fourteenth plus abortion is back in politics. We're gonna talk about all of that and we thought we needed a really good guest so we reached into the world that the kids call the interweb and we got one of the best old friend both of ours gibbs e who got. Well this murphy. I will go slow on this. Because i know you're still trying to get over napster shutting down so we look we got. We got one of the best in the business here. Peter hamby formerly of cnn He hosts a show called. Good luck america on snapchat. Don't worry murphy explained that to you After we're finished recording that on aol right yes. You've got mail. He in writing now is a contributing writer for a startup called puck news. And i'm just gonna say this. I'll say this at the end but i'll say this at the beginning read what peter writes He spends a lot of time smartly. Lives in california's outside of the beltway. So it's not all this kind of pundit bs it's what's going on america thanks for for joining us. Thanks for having me on and go auburn. Suck having a guy in our to. We'll get to college football. He's part of an incredible new thing called puck which is a website of high level journalists dedicated. Totally to the humor of don rickles at least here so puck news. Check it out everybody. It's really cool. So gibbs take us in we're how do we. How do we explain this craziness. Well that's a great question so we're going to california today i'm You know we're we're really just a week away from this. Recall coming to an aunt. And you know peter wrote recently on california lives in california. Murphy is You know you're you're a recall guru if you will well. I live in california. I vote here. And i worked for arnold in the i recall. That's what got me to. California was minding my own business and tony. Georgetown waiting to be invited to a party with peter in the vanity fair guys and all of a sudden i got literally knock at my door at night wasn't even a phone call and i was bundled up and next day. I was walking around in my washington. Dc uniform khakis blue blazer and rubber soled shoes on the beach in malibu looking at a massive party that jeffrey katzenberg was having And one thing led to another dick reardon brought me out. In the former republican mayor valet was the leader in the polls at that point but he had an announced and one thing led to another next thing. you know. i'm looking at the mr freeze costume. In arnold's office in santa monica bennis kenneran on the line there and And went to work for the shorts but anyway enough about me. Let's talk about california so you to you to live out there you you sort of. You've seen this up close murphy. You saw this when it happened. One other time in history in two thousand three but give us a little bit of background. How does this whole process work. Well let me let me start with the political science one. Throw it to peter for his. Point of view is a keen observer. Living here now. So in nineteen eleven kind of close your eyes and imagine the hacks on tap radio theatre here. A bunch of guys handlebar. Mustaches got together in california. All men at the time and said on balderdash we need reform stein progressive ideas so they passed a constitutional amendment creating the initiative and referendum process. You wanna get around the whale. Oil trust were taken to the voters. Then they got their louder up and somebody said hey we need a constitutional amendment to be able to recall the governor who might be in the pocket. Our friend up. Claire says too much and they did that and then then they got really drunk and said and we've got give women the right to vote and that pass to and i'll happened in nineteen eleven here And now since nineteen eleven. We have had rarely the ability to recall a governor. And you do it by going out and getting you know a lot of signatures. I think it. I think it was about a million one. This time you get voters to sign. They turned in like two point. Three million because a lot of them get knocked out and Then there's a process and you can put a recall election on the ballot. It happened two thousand. Three with gray davis who had had a unpopular car tax and a few other things and it kind of lightning struck and then arnold and over one hundred other people ran And the the works are to balance the first ballot. Nestle be september fourteenth. Though here we vote by mail tremendously even more now during kobe. Because they've loosened up the rule which is a bit controversial basically male. Everybody you know on the voter list a ballot. Anyway you vote. Yes or no keep. The governor dumped governor and if dumped governor gets fifty percent of wins. Then you look at a ballot. There forty six people on the ballot this time and they're joke candidates semi serious candidates and the few actual piles on there. And you pick one and only awebber leads that thing. There's no runoff. It's one big battle with everybody from every party on it so you get twenty five percent of the vote. Your governor as long as the first election goes your way with a majority. So that's that's what's happening. Peter what What what what. It's interesting and murphy. Just said twenty five percent but in reality you get forty. Six candidates on the ballot. If there's a recall all you gotta do get more votes than anybody else. You can have a tiny percentage of the votes cast for somebody who becomes the governor of the largest state in the country. Yeah i mean the. I went back and looked at the margins from the two thousand and three recall and Gravis lost mike by almost a million votes on the. Yes no question. And then arnold pretty much consolidated you know the vote. He won with forty five percent among the other options on the ballot. This time yeah. There's so many candidates. The republican party you know has is pretty divided here. I mean there's one democrat first of all. Let me say this. The newsom campaign in the state democratic party made a bet early on. It's probably smart to say. We don't want any other democrats on the ballot right. The only option here the only campaign. We're going to run against the yes no question. One on the recall antonio vieira goza you know chronic thirsty politician thought about running again here in california to get on the ballot. Tom steyer has more money to spend apparently and he thought about getting on the ballot they. They're not running as an option to replace There is one democrat in there. Youtuber guy named kevin path but these are all. Mostly republican libertarian or just wacko.

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