Kristen Stewart Talks About the 'Spooky, Spirtual Feelings' She Sensed While Playing Princess Diana

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Kristen. stewart is already receiving tons of praise for her portrayal of princess. Diana and spencer but it sounds like it wasn't an easy role to take on. She told the la times quote. It's scary to tell a story about someone who's not alive anymore and who already felt so invaded. I never wanted to feel like we were invading anything just that we were kind of adding to the multiplicity of a beautiful thing. Kristen also revealed that there were times when she felt she got a sort of quote sign off from diana saying quote. I felt some spooky spiritual feelings making this movie. Even if i was just fantasizing i mean i think this just speaks to the real challenge of telling diana's story which is a story all about like the media and the paparazzi and the entertainment industry like really destroying her. And you can make that movie but you can never separate the fact that you are the media and the entertainment industry making that story. You know. I know yeah. There's definitely layers going on there. I also want to. Because i was confused. I just wanna make sure everyone's on the same page right now just so everyone knows. This is a psychological drama. This is not bio-pic. They see raise a psychological drama. And so i don't know this is things are gonna get heavy. It's made by the same director. Who made jackie is that right. Yeah and that movie if you haven't seen it it's not like a biographical retelling of jackie o's life it's very much like a story about inner demons and struggles yet and i'm pretty sure this one takes over the span of like three days during christmas time or something like that when she's like deciding she wants to end her marriage so it's a very specific and short time in her life so it's going to be very concentrated and i am beyond excited because it's it really. I was nervous when they said kristen stewart was gonna be playing her you immediately. Just think of twilight but listen. She's done her homework. She's done a research. He's got the people to help our and she's there. Oh yeah i mean. This movie was basically like genetically engineered in a lab to win oscars yet. And i'm so fucking

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