Afghanistan: Last US Military Flight Departs Ending America's Longest War


The lowest. Us military flights has left couple airport marking the end of america's twenty year presence in afghanistan. Officials say the c. Seventeen aircraft to cough with the us ambassador on board however the diplomatic mission to assist those unable to leave before the deadline and will continue. Let's get the latest now with monaco. New city sir. Greece germ chris. Welcome to the program. You've just returned from the us. How would you describe the way. Americans feel about the end of their twenty year presidents in afghanistan. Marcus the the mood is is really be mixed from a lot of the conversations that i had over the last few weeks. And there's sort of four different ways almost that you could describe the mood. You know depending on the situation. There's there's confusion. First of all over the chaotic nature of the evacuation. And what we've seen over the last few weeks with the taliban taking over there's empathy for the plight of afghans and afghanistan and sort of the the the risk that you know the backsliding that will happen there in terms of of things like women's rights and sort of the human rights aspect of this as well as for those that are now coming over to the us the refugees more than one hundred twenty thousand Flights people came over In the last month or so as afghans were evacuated from the country. There's particularly empathy for those That were impacted or help to the us over the last twenty years and are now coming over as a result of their fears for their own life in afghanistan so there was empathy and sort of welcoming even of those people coming to the us.

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