The Supreme Court Had Precedent to Rule on the 2020 Election


Now, these men who gathered in Philadelphia, They understood what they were doing. They created the Constitution. They created the federal government. They created the presidency and the vice presidency. They created the Electoral College. They created separation of powers. And they created Article two, Section one Clause two. In such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct comma. In the state of Pennsylvania that come about the Pennsylvania What a growth a grave violation of the federal Constitution by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as much as you would a violation of the Constitution by the Florida Supreme Court in 2000. Actually, this was worse. The difference is the U. S. Supreme Court in 2000 stepped in and upheld the United States Constitution. And one of the arguments people were making, including me was exactly this section of the Constitution. Article two Section one Clause two as the Florida Supreme Court kept changing the deadlines and the manner in which we count chads. They kept extending the deadlines. They kept interposing themselves into how chance are to be counted. They were violating the federal constitution. And the U. S Constitution. Put an end to it. The U. S. Supreme Court under the US Constitution, put an end to it because the Legislature makes these decisions. Not the Florida Supreme Court. Well, what happened in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was even worse. Because what happened there is also an elected in this case, Supreme Court of seven members, five of them were Democrats. They extended the time for voting. The eliminated the signature requirement. And they did other things. That the Legislature in Pennsylvania, which was Republican, did not do.

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