Italian Grand Prix Qualifying Report


Asked me stop for one second sprint qualifying race experiment from fast place ahead of lewis hamilton. As mercedes dominated. Friday evening qualify at the italian grand prix. Hamilton's taizhou rival. Max chapman qualified fad for the sprint race. Which was set on base for on regret but finish my office seconds adrift of batas within benefiting from a newly fitted fresh engine for the weekend. Which will require him to solve a grid penalty for sunday's grand prix. Norris finish bull faucets funded by teammate. Daniel recall doing faith and guiseley in sixth call. Assigns union made a late improvement. Jump ahead of ferrari. Teammate shall apply and key three with like grappling with an intimate engine braking problem throughout key one and key to sanjay paris qualified. Pay nine in his red bull. While amaze antonio juvenile sea made it through to q three for the second consecutive race this time on home soil with the italian driver rounding out the top

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