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This is used radio 7 40 Ktrh Houston drive everywhere with the IRA. And now the latest news, weather and traffic from the gallery furnitures mounting pressure on the bike administration amid a surge of Haitian immigrants packed under a bridge near the southern border. I'm Wyatt Goolsbee for NewsRadio, 7 40. Ktrh with an update on our weather. Here's meteorologist Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel clear tonight with a low eventually dropping to 75 will be a partly cloudy and high Tuesday with an occasional shower thunderstorm too high of 95. There may be scattered thunderstorms tomorrow night ahead of the front with a low of 66th. Behind that front will be a lot more comfortable on Wednesday and Thursday with sunshine each afternoon and highs, only reaching the low eighties. I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel. Our top story, the head of Homeland Security, says they're now processing and removing the thousands of Haitian immigrants. Who are living under an international bridge on the Texas border. We are very concerned that Haitians who are taking this irregular migration path are receiving false information that the border is open Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Del Rio today for a briefing. He says there will be up to three flights a day. Returning these Haitian nationals to their island home. Upwards of 12,000 immigrants remain under the Del Rio International Bridge. Governor Greg Abbott wants a federal emergency declaration for the border crisis. Houston

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