New COVID-19 Variant of Interest Might Be Resistant to Vaccines


World has a new covert nineteen very of interest with a would hogan association pointing to the new new variant of the disease which is off in south america. There of fish this ukraina virus vary could be better at evading vaccines thereby increasing concerns of making covered nineteen endemic in society scientists. Say the muir be one six to one variant. As a number of mutations would suggest it could be more resistant. Vaccines early studies. One five vaccine is less effective against the variant. Compared to other mutations in fact it's already been found in thirty nine counties and as a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape these include a mutation called p. Six hundred eighty one age which was first reported in the alpha variant and his potentially responsible faster transmission meal also has the mutations e four eighty four k and k four seventeen n which are associated with being able to evade antibodies against the corona virus and various other mutations include arthur forty-six k. And why one forty four t is consequences. Arizona known music already been reported in ten percent of cases sequenced by the university of miami and reuters reporting that seven fully vaccinated residents in a nursing home in belgium dying from emile outbreak. At this stage the global prevalence of the various among sequence covered nineteen cases is still below zero point one percent but it has consistently grown in countries such as colombia with thirty nine percent and ecuador with thirteen percent increase. Something to worry about

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