France's Macron to Talk to Biden Amid Crisis Over Submarines


French president Emmanuel macron will speak with president Biden for the first time since the diplomatic sponsor rocketed between the two nations the disagreement which the French according a grave crisis breakouts I first submarine deal with Australia Australia ended a twenty sixteen contract with billions of dollars with France to build twelve diesel electric submarines in favor of the U. S. contracts for a nuclear powered submarines Franz recalled its ambassadors from the US and Australia and a sign of the severity of the crisis in an interview on French TV press spokesperson Gabrielle S. house said both leaders will talk because they have to move on what's at stake in this a fad this crisis also a provision being come out of the U. S. deal with Australia is a sign of America's pivot towards the Indo Pacific region as China bolsters its implements that front feels the deal steps on its feet in a region where it has long had a strong presence I'm Karen Thomas

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