What Can Brad Keselowski Bring From Team Penske to Roush Fenway?

The Final Lap


Among the many changes for next season in nascar brand kozlowski moving from penske racing or team. Penske over to rows fenway and he talks about some of the other changes going on in the sport from perspective of today still change and it changes a reset as to whether that changes successful and reducing the cost of the sport. You know all these other competitive elements. I don't know by do no. It's a reset. And i know resets represent at this point in time that this has been a woman. Say how shosh screwy the media. But i i've tried to be respectful to other parties would be team pants and beyond to not be talking to too many people and expose things. We've been working on. So i imagine there'd be a lot of conversations now that today has happened brand kazlauskas have champion. He has won many races in the nascar cup series. What can he bring over that. He's learned team. Penske over to rash fenway in his new deal for twenty twenty two tremendous. I mean i think it just mostly a culture of excellence which is a very vague vague description in term. What it means a lot to me. It means not selling anything less than your best. And every facet of the operations of the company and whether that's competitive or or not You know there's a team of people and weighed all the polaroid the same direction

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