Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Manufacturers for Contributing to Arms Trafficking Deaths


Brown. The Mexican government is suing several leading gun manufacturers in the United States, alleging their business practices lead to weapons smuggling across the border and deaths in Mexico. Angela co chair gave Katie P. Reports from El Paso. In the lawsuit. Mexico's government alleges top U. S gun manufacturers including Smith and Wesson, Colt and Glock know their practices facilitate arms trafficking. Mexico estimates 70% of the illegal guns in the country are from the U. S, including those smuggled from Texas and other border states. Mexico's Foreign minister Marcello Abrar, traveled to El Paso Tuesday to mark the two year anniversary of the mass shooting. During an interview after the remembrance ceremony, he said Mexico had built a case based on intelligent Turkey. The link between guns sold in the U. S. And deaths in Mexico. The Mexican government estimates at least 17,000 murders involved traffic guns in 2019. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in US federal Court in Massachusetts, where a leading gun distributor is

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